Some thirdparty libraries are provided by VXL in vxl/v3p, and will be picked up automatically if CMake can;t find any system provided versions. Xerces is not provided in v3p yet. One of the contributed libraries can optionally use it. So None of that should be a problem.
VXL 1.0.0 should build without any significant problems on VC+6.0 SP 5.
I haven't looked at the example you mention, but the ones in core/vil/examples should be working.
vil_rotate_image input.png output.png 20
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Hi alltogether,


I have installed vxl 1.0.0. I have also intalled cmake 1.8 patch 3.  I have a XP P4 PC with Nvidia graphics card and OpenGl.  The cmake directories are as follwows

vxl\vxl-1.0.0  and


I have  also checked  BUILD_VGUI. Everything compiled on VC++ 6.0 not errors but 19 warnings.

(However it did not find the libs and includes of image classes such as png, it not find xercess* stuff. Do I have to give the path explictely for this?)

However, when I wanted to run the examples the programs just did not run (only dos prompter saying press any button to quit) or error messages came for e.g.:

 - example_create_image_vil

  argParse::Error Required arg 1 not supplied

 (I have looked in the implementation but I could not ! sort out what the problem was) 

Any help is higly appreciated. I get crazy otherwise ;).

Best Regards




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