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[d44b68] (dashboard) (10.8 kB) by Brad King Brad King

vxl_common: Modernize and switch to vxl Git repo

Require CTest >= 2.8.2 for Git support. Add configuration options to
simplify source and build tree locations. Combine the ctest_* command
sequence for all dashboard types and add hooks for every step.

2013-05-01 17:42:48 View
[36a8fe] (5.4 kB) by Brad King Brad King

Update VXL repository URL in common dashboard script

In vxl_common.cmake update the SVN repository URL to refer to the
new repository location. Development will now occur at the new
URL so dashboards should test it.

2013-05-01 17:18:44 View
[26aa59] (5.4 kB) by Brad King Brad King

Fix dashboard script configuration error message

In vxl_common.cmake we ensure that the including script has
configured needed options. If not, the error message should
report the name of the missing option correctly.

2013-05-01 17:18:42 View
[8870a9] (refs/deny/master/dashboardrefs/deny/hooks/dashboardrefs/deny/build-makefiles/dashboardrefs/deny/build-dsps/dashboard) (5.4 kB) by Brad King Brad King

Create dashboard script to be shared by clients

This creates config/cmake/ctest-scripts/vxl_common.cmake, a dashboard
client helper script. The intention is that clients can manually
checkout just the config/cmake/ctest-scripts directory into their
Dashboards directory, copy and edit a small per-machine config script,
and have a working dashboard client.

2013-05-01 17:18:35 View