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--- a/core/vil/vil_math.h
+++ b/core/vil/vil_math.h
@@ -260,6 +260,30 @@
+// helper function for reporting an error without cluttering the
+// header with unnecessary includes.
+void vil_math_median_unimplemented();
+//: Median of elements in plane p of an image.
+// For integral types, if the the median is half way between two
+// values, the result will be the floor of the average.
+// \relates vil_image_view
+template<class imT>
+inline void vil_math_median(imT& median, const vil_image_view<imT>& im, unsigned p)
+  vil_math_median_unimplemented();
+// median is unimplemented in the general case (for now).
+// Purposefully not documented via doxygen; let the general template's
+// documentation be the documentation.
+void vil_math_median(vxl_byte& median, const vil_image_view<vxl_byte>& im, unsigned p);
 //: Sum of squares of elements in plane p of image
 // \relates vil_image_view