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File Date Author Commit
FindCoin3D.cmake 2009-06-16 Matthew J. Leotta Matthew J. Leotta [cd0b9c] updated to modern syntax, may require CMake 2.6
FindDC1394.cmake 2009-06-16 Matthew J. Leotta Matthew J. Leotta [cd0b9c] updated to modern syntax, may require CMake 2.6
FindDCMTK.cmake 2008-10-21 Chuck Atkins Chuck Atkins [e41e1b] Added the root include directory to the search ...
FindDirectShow.cmake 2011-09-04 Peter Vanroose Peter Vanroose [0480f5] avoid cmake warnings (DIRECTSHOW_INCLUDE_DIR un...
FindECW.cmake 2011-06-14 Ozge Can Ozcanli Ozge Can Ozcanli [a1ac5f] syntax fix
FindFFMPEG.cmake 2008-11-25 Antonio Garrido Antonio Garrido [d5f530] New ffmpeg versions have 3 libraries and header...
FindGEOTIFF.cmake 2008-10-30 Amitha Perera Amitha Perera [293387] Make sure GEOTIFF_FOUND is NO if it is not foun...
FindGLUT.cmake 2010-06-26 Vishal Jain Vishal Jain [0ca492] find opengl libraries dir
FindGTK2.cmake 2009-04-17 Ricardo Fabbri Ricardo Fabbri [a8b45f] just removed quotes that were generating the an...
FindOpenCL.cmake 2012-10-22 Vishal Jain Vishal Jain [46bd90] updated the cmake file to load amd opencl.
FindOpenGL.cmake 2005-12-20 Amitha Perera Amitha Perera [91627a] Use VXL_CMAKE_DIR to allow this to be used from...
FindPython.cmake 2013-08-13 Scott Richardson Scott Richardson [ca26f6] updated FindPython.cmake
FindSIMVoleon.cmake 2007-12-10 Matthew J. Leotta Matthew J. Leotta [a45acc] moved modules from contrib/brl/bmods
FindSTLPort.cmake 2005-05-16 Brad King Brad King [8d170f] Merge branch 'vxl-1-0'
FindWin32SDK.cmake 2013-10-23 Ozge C. Ozcanli Ozge C. Ozcanli [3fe02d] adding win 7.1 folder to win32SDK config file
FindX11.cmake 2005-05-16 Brad King Brad King [8d170f] Merge branch 'vxl-1-0'
readme.txt 2008-07-07 Miguel A. Figueroa-Villanueva Miguel A. Figueroa-Villanueva [dd72b7] COMP: Added cmake version check to stop using c...

Read Me

This directory contains Module files which will be available from the CMake distribution in the next release.
Any files in this directory should be identical to the latest versions in the CMake repository.

To facilitate the deprecation of modules, place code similar to the
following in the FindXXX.cmake as soon as it becomes part of a CMake

# FIXME: When cmake_minimum_version reaches 2.6.2 the FindXXX
#        module in this directory is not needed anymore.
    "FindXXX not needed in vxl; it is now available in CMake.")