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Themis / News: Recent posts

Themis-0.4a released.

Themis 0.4 alpha released today.
featuring new options such as:
automatic updates.
internal portscanner
html/text/sql reports output.
look at the README for more details

Posted by baba the great 2005-09-12

Command Line and new option

Release 0.4a is coming soon.
updated files up to now can be found at the CVS.

Command Line arguments is now working as it shoud.

Report output file name Can be specified with -r at command line.

bugs at that crashed scans in some of the checkups files been fixed.

replaced the commandline handler to optparse instead of getopts.

release 0.4 will include the stated above and:

automatic update utility.
configure utility to ease the installation proccess.
option to choose internal scanner or NMAP.
detect if the running system is Windows or *nix and write the appropriate configuration file.

Posted by baba the great 2005-09-10

Themis alpha version 0.3 released

New version released,
this version is still in alpha stage and is intended for developers and people who knows what they do,
ne features includes:
html report is automaticly generated when running a scan.
nmap is supported and required to run the scan properly.

Posted by baba the great 2005-09-01

Themis alpha version 0.2 released

version 0.2 released,
it now contains 30 different checkups.
the main change was the memory managment of the checkup files, it open the files only hen they are really needed and not on every check.
this version is still alpha so it is suggested to use it in a carefully and in controlled enviroment.

Posted by baba the great 2005-08-08

Checkups Package Released

Updated Checkups Package Released under the Alpha Release,
When New Updates Appear the Package will be updated also.

Posted by baba the great 2005-07-26

CVS updated and project name

Started to upload files to the CVS,
this files are for the developers to track and for others to get general Idea however please remember this is not a RELEASE only bunch of different files that part of the scanner,
the first release is expected this week or next week.

We have found a name for the scanner and it is called Themis ,
who was the The ancient Greek Goddess of Justice.

Posted by baba the great 2005-07-18

Initial Design Documents Uploaded

Initial Design Documents of the project uploaded and available for public.
Mailing list and Forums opened as well.

Posted by baba the great 2005-07-15

Project Started.

The project officialy started and work started at

Posted by baba the great 2005-07-15