Thanks for sharing this, and welcome!


The vufind-admins email list is primarily used for automated status announcements, so I am copying this reply to vufind-general where it will reach a broader audience of VuFind users.


My only comment based on a quick perusal of your wiki page is that I’m not sure why step 9 (“Fix errors”) is necessary – the “vufind2” directories you are changing there are simply defaults that are used if no environment variables are found. However, if VUFIND_HOME and VUFIND_LOCAL_DIR are set up correctly, these defaults should never be used. If you are finding that editing is necessary to make things work, it may be a sign that there is an environment setup problem somewhere – and it’s probably worth fixing that rather than modifying the script, since missing environment variables could have undesired side effects in other situations. Please let me know if you need help sorting this out!


Also, once you have VuFind ready for public use, please consider adding an entry to our wiki page listing current users (or send me the details so I can do it on your behalf):


(Note that this page is currently being revised, so in a couple of weeks it should look a little nicer than it does today).


Thanks again for the update, good luck with the trial, and please let me know if I can be of further assistance!


- Demian


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Hi All


Just wanted to announce our participation by revealing a wiki page we are using for our system.



Comments are welcome.


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