1a/b. I might be able to answer these better if I understood more about what you're hoping to do with sessions. The main purpose of the VuFind session is to track the user's login status and to remember search history. Is there a reason you wish to make these expire at a particular rate?

1c. The search history shows all searches performed during the current session...  there should be a link to it in the footer, or you can go to the Search/History URL within VuFind.

2. If you are not using LDAP and want VuFind to manage its own internal accounts, change the authentication setting to use DB instead of LDAP. There is not an authentication-specific log in VuFind, though you could create one fairly easily if you needed to, or you might be able to figure out counts through Apache log analysis (though the Apache log won't tell you which user is trying to log in, of course).

3a. In VuFind 1.x, all of the database writing is done through PEAR's DB abstraction library. The classes representing the database tables are found in web/services/MyResearch/lib, and they are called from the controllers in the various other web/services directories.

3b. The default homepage layout can be found in web/interface/themes/[your theme]/Search/home.tpl -- and if you need to set extra variables for use in this template, you can modify the corresponding controller in the web/services directory.

Please let me know if you still have questions!

- Demian

From: Assaf Weinrib [assafwe@post.jce.ac.il]
Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2014 5:27 PM
To: vufind-general@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [VuFind-General] A few questions please



After a pretty long period of 'getting started' I was playing with the software a bit, took a look on the DB  and please have a few more questions:

1.       I saw that in the session table – a single session was calculated until I was closing the browser, so I went to the config.ini saw it under the 'session' section and changed it to be '60' just to see what will happen.


Then – I indeed see that running a new search query after each 60 seconds causes the ID of this session to be promoted but it's still all under the same session which is actually the same behavior as before except for the ID that is being changed.

(The new ID overrides the old one and the old ID cannot be found), so:


a.       Is that the expected behavior?

b.      Is there a way to define that after period of 'x' seconds – create a new entry in the 'sessions' table?

c.       I also noticed that each search ('lookfor') overrides the previous, meaning – there is no way to see ALL values that were searched during this session.

Is there a configuration parameter/workaround for allowing it?


2.       I added a user entry to the user table but still cannot 'login' - is it something with the authentication method in the config.ini? (Currently set to LDAP).

Which log tracks the authentication attempts?


3.       I need some directing in the code, I am please looking for the code sections that handle:

a.       Writing down to the DB.

b.      GUI of main vufind homepage.


Thanks a lot in advance.

Assaf We