In VuFind 1.x, the browse code uses Javascript to load the contents of the containers.  In the Blueprint theme, this is controlled by web/interface/themes/blueprint/js/browse.js, which determines its behavior by extracting information embedded in the HTML elements of the page (look at the classes in web/interface/themes/blueprint/Browse/*.tpl).  In order to get things working correctly, you'll need to create a custom template for your building browse which contains the right classes in the right places to retrieve the sequence of information.  Unfortunately, this is all very confusing -- I didn't write the code originally, and I always find it difficult to understand every time I look at it.

For this reason, the Browse module has been completely rewritten for VuFind 2.x to eliminate all the Javascript insanity.  It's still a bit tricky, but I think it's a little more comprehensible than before.  I realize that doesn't help you right now -- but just a point of context.

Your best bet in 1.x is probably to copy a template for a browse module that is structured most similarly to the effect you desire (perhaps one of the call number browses?) and then replace all the field names in the template with the equivalent field names that you wish to use.  Hopefully that will get you closer to where you need to be.

- Demian

From: Christian Dabrowski []
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 10:24 AM
Subject: [VuFind-General] Browsing module

Hi all,

we have four sublibraries and they are declared in the building
facet (there is a behind it). I managed so far to display browsing by building in the first container. Now I would like to show the available 4 facets in the second container when I click on this browsing option. In the browsing.tpl it didn't work as it only manages the following containers. I thought of the browse.php part but I am not sure:

        // third option: Location SWF -- is it enabled in config.ini?  If no setting is
        // found, assume it is active.
        if (!isset($configArray['Browse']['building'])
            || $configArray['Browse']['building'] == true
        ) {
            $browseOptions[] = $this->_buildBrowseOption('Building', 'building');
            $interface->assign('buildingnEnabled', true);

I'd be thankful for a hint where to search for it?