If you didn't declare the new index field article_data as multiValued=true in the Solr index definition in schema.xml, then try changing the $record.article_data.0 to $record.article_data in the record.tpl code. The .0 only exists if $record.article_data is an array (a variable holding multiple values), and it is only an array if the field in the Solr index is defined as multivalued.


Am 29.10.2010 um 19:19 schrieb "Harmon, Kelly" <Kelly.Harmon@ARS.USDA.GOV>:



I note that some Marc 773 data is available in the staff view of Vufind for each record.


Is it possible to display that information in both the results page and the individual record?


I’ve created an index for 773t and 773g in the marc.properties file ala:


article_data = 773g:773t


(This appears to work because I’ve been able to add this info as a facet…)


And I’ve edited the record.tpl file ala:


            {if $record.article_data}

            <tr valign="top">

              <th>{translate text='Journal Inforation'}: </th>





It could be my code is wonky, but I suspect that I’m also either in the wrong file, or there are additional files I need to change to make this happen.









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