If I am not wrong the procedure should be, add the prefix to all urls, and configure ezproxy to activate just for certain domains.... I think is the easiest way

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2013/8/2 Katharina Wolkwitz <wolkwitz@fh-swf.de>
Hi everybody,

I've found that vufind has the option to add the EZproxy-URL-prefix
automatically to all 856-URLs by adding the host-name of the EZproxy-server in
the /usr/local/vufind/web/conf/config.ini

So the functionality of manipulating/parsing the links already exists. :-)

Now our problem is, that we do not want to add the prefix to every URL there is
in our data but only to a select list of licenced databases. So we'd like to
extend/reuse the existing code in order to do just that.

Where can I find this code?


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