I too do thank you, Mark, for this new *release* of browse-indexing.jar, because I also have a couple (of hundreds) records (OPAC and Harvested) that give me that same error.

Just running it right now...

All the best / have a nice weekend,


2013/4/26 Mark Triggs <mark@dishevelled.net>
Right.  I've updated the version here to print the Record ID too:




Mark Triggs <mark@dishevelled.net> writes:

> Ah, sorry.  That docid is Lucene's internal identifier (a sequence
> number) and is distinct from VuFind's record ID.  While I'm at it, I'll
> see if I can change that warning to print the Record ID as well.
> Mark
> Jay Roos <jayroos@gmail.com> writes:
>> Maybe I'm looking at this wrong somehow? Is the docid reported by
>> alphabrowse indexer the same as the record id used by VuFind? If not, what
>> is it? Is it just a sequence number?
>> This is one of the problem records:
>> Skipped entries for docid 280694 because the number of sort keys didn't
>> match the number of stored values.
>> Fields in title_sort: []
>> Fields in title_fullStr: [Thunder Road / James Axler.]
>> However there is no record 280694. The title does exist in VuFind as record
>> 647959. So I'm guessing the other number is from somewhere else.
>> All of that aside, it looks like I have a problem with record going through
>> the title_sort routine.

Mark Triggs

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