Hi Ranju!

Although I'm not the best person to be replying, as I don't have it working for me also (one thing at a time and I have just finish solving a problem, but for personal reasons, did not have the time to share the possible solutions here or in VuFind JIRA's, OAI-PMH harvesting related ones), just have an idea of the possible reasons, a single question:

Are you using the (release || trunk's code) or Tuan's "NewItem.php.patch" (http://vufind.org/jira/browse/VUFIND-624)?

If yes, to first, and from what I have seen at the code and read in the wiki (Demian et alli, please correct me if I'm wrong), it relies in the real time response (web service method | RESTFull (?)) from the ILS, so items imported from others source than the ILS/OPAC ones don't enter the equation.

Tuan's "NewItem.php.patch" changes this to "use the Solr index change tracking field (first_indexed)", that I reckon includes records  from any source.

But, again, just writing this more place raise questions than to answer them, as I am not 100% into this part of code.

All the best,


On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 11:29 AM, Ranju Upadhyay <Ranju.Upadhyay@nuim.ie> wrote:
Hi List,

I have some items in VuFind that I know are relatively new i.e. less than 30 days old, that I had imported from ePrints repo.But when I try to search for new items(using filter of past 30 days) it keeps saying 

"No new item information is currently available"

I also get a notice in the screen saying

Notice: Undefined index: count in C:\vufind\vufind-1.3\web\services\Search\NewItem.php on line 120.

Any ideas?


Ranju Upadhyay

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