Which version of VuFind are you using?  Non-MARC record support was added after release RC2, so you’ll need the latest trunk code to take advantage of it.


Assuming you have the current code, more details on implementing support for non-MARC records can be found here:




In a nutshell:


- At the same time that you are indexing other details, just populate the recordtype field with the value “ead”.

- Create a record driver class called EadRecord as described in the Wiki; you can extend the existing SolrRecord class to take advantage of its default index-based behavior.


If that’s not enough information, feel free to ask questions – this is a new feature, so the documentation may be inadequate.  I’m happy to expand it to address your needs.  Also, if this information doesn’t help you resolve your “record does not exist” problem, please provide a little more information – the exact wording of the error page (preferably with debug turned on) and the URL.  Hopefully that will help us narrow down the cause of the problem.





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Subject: [VuFind-Tech] How can I set the "recordtype" field to show that a record is in EAD format?


How can I set the "recordtype" field to show that a record is in an EAD file?

I'm using the VuFind Bibliographic Index version 1.2. I wrote some Java code to parse a few tags (eadid, author, title) in some EAD files and index the results on a Solr server. This part works: I can search for the data with VuFind and get results. The problem comes when I click on the result to get more details: VuFind says that the record does not exist.

On a related note, does anyone know where in the VuFind php code I can trap for record type?

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