That sounds like a good candidate for a modest single-server installation.  Villanova has about twice as many bibliographic records but a somewhat smaller FTE, and we run VuFind on a single server with 3 gigs of ram (2 of which are dedicated for VuFind) and about 60 gigs of hard drive space (VuFind itself takes about 7 gigs with the index built and optimized -- more space is needed during indexing).  The server is a couple of years old and it's performing very well.  I imagine that most contemporary hardware should do the job for you -- but it never hurts to get as much memory and storage as you can to allow for growth.


- Demian


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Subject: Re: [VuFind-General] system requirements for VuFind


Hello Demian,
thank you for your answer.
We have 300 000 bibliographic records (700 000 items) and our FTE is about 22 000.
I'll try my another question on the vufind-unicorn list.

Anne-Claire Bernaudin
SCD - Université de Rennes 1

Demian Katz a écrit :

VuFind will run on most operating systems.  We run it on RedHat at Villanova -- the setup under RedHat is very similar to Fedora.  As far as server specs, it depends on the size of your data.  Some people are running VuFind on very low-end hardware for relatively small collections, while others are using multiple powerful servers to host massive data stores.  Of course, as a general rule, the more memory you can give it, the faster it will run.  Here is a recent thread on vufind-tech that addresses some of these issues:
As far as getting information on VuFind and Symphony, if you don't get any feedback here, you might also want to try the VuFind+Unicorn list, since some Unicorn users may be thinking about the move to Symphony:
- Demian
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Subject: [VuFind-General] system requirements for VuFind
I would like to have an idea of system requirements for running VuFind
easily : OS (I saw Ubuntu, Fedora and Solaris on the website, would it
run with other Linux like RedHat ?), server ( processor, memory,
internal storage...).
I would also be interested to have contacts with people who run VuFind
with Symphony.
Anne-Claire Bernaudin
SCD - Université de Rennes 1