Hello, everyone.  Given the outcome of last week's votes, we're officially aiming for tagging RC2 on 12/4.  This seems realistic -- the RC2 list is getting pretty short, and I expect to close at least one more issue (XSS vulnerabilities) before the end of the day.  There are a few more things (some admittedly rather trivial) that we should discuss in order to finish up the rest:


1.) VUFIND-5 (long searches overflow GET limit) -- there has been some discussion on the JIRA ticket for this issue.  Some possible solutions have been proposed, but it has also been mentioned that this is now an edge case that may not even be worth increasing code complexity to fix.  I think we have four options:


A) Implement Greg's proposed fix.

B) Implement Demian's proposed fix.

C) Defer to 1.0 (i.e. -- it's important enough to do, but not urgent enough for immediate action).

D) Move to wishlist (i.e. -- it's worth remembering it's an issue, but a fix may not even be necessary).


2.) VUFIND-134 (finish Search Object) -- since the only subsidiary part of this issue is VUFIND-5, I think we should unlink VUFIND-5 from it and close it.  The Search Object itself is implemented at this point, and I think that future optimizations/additions should be considered separate issues.  Any objections?


3.) VUFIND-158 (update documentation) -- I would like to start on this, but I feel that we should preserve the RC1 docs somehow, especially if we're writing about RC2 before it is actually released.  I see two main options, though I welcome other suggestions:


A) Put a banner at the top of the page linking to an earlier wiki revision ("Using RC1? Click here.").  It's simple, but it means we can't easily edit RC1 docs again since they're fixed at a particular revision.

B) Copy current page contents to page_name_RC1 and link to it -- it allows editing of RC1 documentation, but it creates more pages in the Wiki.


4.) Also documentation-related:  the trunk contains a lot of documentation -- CHANGELOG, README, the docs folder.  All of this is extremely outdated.  Rather than maintaining different versions of documentation in two places, would anyone object if we completely wipe out the docs folder and simplify CHANGELOG and README to contain brief, generic information followed by URL references to details?


Please vote on your preferred options.  Hopefully we can wrap most of this up next week before I leave for vacation.  I'm also not forgetting the upgrade script (VUFIND-132) -- I'll start testing and (hopefully) improving that once the XSS stuff is done.


- Demian