Personally, I don't think an RC3 milestone is necessary -- I'd be more inclined to shift more items from RC2 to 1.0 if we feel we absolutely can't get everything done in time.  I also don't think the remaining RC2 tasks are necessarily all that major.


I've been on the verge of sending an email proposing that we set an official release date for RC2 -- I guess now is as good a time as any to start that discussion.  I personally think we should have something releasable by the end of the year, so a mid-December date might be reasonable.  Honestly, I think the current trunk has already reached the point where it's superior to RC1 even with a few known problems.


To back up my "by the end of the year" proposal, the bottom of this email contains my thoughts on the remaining JIRA issues, grouped into clusters.  Am I missing anything?  Does anyone feel more pessimistic than I do?


One other thought -- if there's anybody on the list who hasn't been working with the latest trunk code, now would be a good time to start if you have the time.  It would be helpful to have some fresh eyes on this to catch any new issues that the rest of us have missed.







Tag search consistency (VUFIND-106): Greg has already improved this with the Search Object.  There's still some weirdness that needs to be cleaned up, but I plan on taking care of it soon -- shouldn't be more than a couple of hours to get to basic acceptable behavior.  Advanced, complex tag searching is a bigger issue that I think is beyond the scope of RC2 -- we'll deal with that later.


Other Search Object Issues (VUFIND-5, VUFIND-134, VUFIND-145, VUFIND-142): Greg's making pretty steady progress on Search Object changes, and I'm happy to pick up slack if needed.  I don't think any of the remaining issues are very big -- the hard part is behind us.


XSS Issues (VUFIND-54): This issue is never going to totally go away -- there will always be chinks in our armor that need patching.  We've already fixed many of the most obvious of these problems, and I'll do a full review of templates in the next couple of weeks to catch remaining problems.  No matter how far we get, RC2 will be better than RC1 in this regard.


RC1 -> RC2 Upgrade Script (VUFIND-132): Till and Greg have already done good work on this.  I plan on testing it and possibly adding some more paranoid error handling when we get closer to RC2 release time.


Caching Issues (VUFIND-146): This is a very new issue and already has some comments on it in JIRA -- I expect this will be resolved fairly quickly.




Finalize Admin Module (VUFIND-10): This is a bonus feature.  If we can get it done, great.  If not, we can turn off the bits that don't work yet.


SolrMarc Issues (VUFIND-115): The new SolrMarc binary resolves a handful of problems noted in JIRA (many not actually scheduled for RC2 release).  I'm making good progress on implementing this in my branch, so we may be able to merge it into an RC2 release.  If that doesn't happen in time, I don't think this is a show-stopper.


Advanced Search Limits (VUFIND-139): The most blatant problems here are already fixed.  The illustration indexing needs some work, and I plan on trying to improve it using the scripting capabilities of the new SolrMarc release.  If we get the new SolrMarc into RC2, this last detail can be fixed in RC2.  If we opt not to do that, we're still better off than we were in RC1, and we can make deeper improvements later.


IE CSS Problems in Browse Mode (VUFIND-91): This is a cosmetic issue that I would like to see fixed…  but if we don't get that far, it doesn't impede functionality and it could certainly be worse.  Haven't heard if Chris Barr is able to devote any time to this, but if he isn't, I can look at it.  I already decided to just bite the bullet and fix the more serious VUFIND-90 CSS problem myself.




Implement 1.0 Default Theme (VUFIND-11): I believe this is done, but I haven't closed it since I'm not sure if Andrew's aware of some details I'm missing.  Any objections to considering this finished at this point?


File_MARC Exception Problem (VUFIND-6): I'm not sure how to reproduce this or whether it still even applies to our code.  Andrew, do you know anything about the status?


From: Andrew Nagy []
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2009 11:54 AM
Subject: [Vufind-admins] RC2 Release


So - as pointed out by Till in an email on vufind-general, many folks are on RC1 which is becoming very out dated ("obsolete" was Till's word).  We still have quite a few major tasks for RC2 release.  As much as I hate to say it - should we create an RC3 milestone and move some of the work that needs more time to RC3 so we can get an RC2 release out?  I think this might also help buy some credibility from the library community since VuFind has not seen a release in a long time.