1) If it doesn't slow things down to any great extent when disabled, then I'd be in favour of adding it. There was somebody at the conference who was thinking of having a slightly different solr schema for their photograph collections, so it might be useful for a few people. If it doesn't go into the trunk, I wonder if updating/testing some edge-case patches might be something we do before each release so that they don't become entirely unusable.

2) Only that you mightn't always want to give the user the choice, but I suppose all that would be needed then would be to edit the tpl to make the inputs hidden & selected.


On 28 September 2010 14:39, Demian Katz <demian.katz@villanova.edu> wrote:

I have been working with Oliver to simplify and polish his distributed search patch which allows VuFind to take advantage of Solrís sharding feature (and which includes a facet exclusion mechanism that allows slightly incompatible Solr indexes to coexist peacefully).

You can download the latest version of the patch here:


Two questions for the group:

1.)††† How do you feel about adding this to the trunk?† It would be disabled by default and shouldnít add significant overhead for people who donít use it, but I want to make sure there arenít any objections about adding another feature that will probably only be used by a small number of people.

2.)††† Are there any thoughts on a better UI for this?† Right now, the shards are selected using checkboxes near the search box, and all checkboxes are selected by default.† This probably doesnít scale very well, and there is a known UI glitch where unselecting all of the checkboxes leads to all of the checkboxes becoming selected (this could be solved with Javascript and/or through the addition of a hidden fieldÖ† but I donít want to put in the effort until the UI is finalized).

All feedback is welcome Ė I would like to get this into the trunk to make Oliverís life easier, but I donít want to inconvenience lots of other people with feature bloat in the process.† If anyone has further thoughts on making this simpler and more understandable, please share.



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