Yes, thats the main issue. I would be happy if I could also move the sidebar to the left and realign the static parts of the screen to the right like top search form but these are more 'nice to have'. Text alignment breaks the display  and readability when two scripts are in the same text.
Thanks Eoghan for the informtion, I think i'll try your approach adding conditions in the template as much as I can as many aligment\directionality issues can be solved by minor tweaks

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Just out of curiosity, is the main issue directionality of script?




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If there is going to be considerable difference in how the different languages are displayed, one option would be to have different themes for each. This functionality isn't in the VuFind trunk, but this JIRA ticket has some sample code: http://vufind.org/jira/browse/VUFIND-50. You would need to add some code to ensure that only the appropriate language file loaded for a given theme.

You can see Luke O'Sullivan's implementation of theme switching here: https://ifind.swwhep.ac.uk/

If you're only going to use two languages & there are only relativley minor differences in layout etc, you may be able to handle it in the smarty templates.  e.g. <ul class="{if $userLang == 'ga'}mainNavGa{else}mainNav{/if}">. I did this in our catalogue (http://catalogue.nli.ie) as sometimes the display of the Irish version needed some sytlistic tweaks. This works well for switching a few css class names, or for using different sub-templates as includes for static pages (eg {if $userLang == 'ga'}{include file="About/about_text_ga.tpl"}{else}[default text]{/if}, see http://catalogue.nli.ie/About/Home), but it would be messy to maintain for anything more than that.

Hope this helps,

2010/11/23 Tulie Amichal <tulie@mail.iucc.ac.il>



We're looking into implementing vufind with both an English interface and a Hebrew one. I saw the built in translations but am wondering if there is any way to have two sets of templates as I want to change the HTML itself to allow different layouts of the page.






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