I can offer better advice if I know more about what you are trying to do.  The only reason to install Koha for use with VuFind is if you intend to use Koha as your library management software.  In that case, you will need Koha to be functional.  If you do not plan to use Koha, then it is unnecessary to install it in order to use VuFind – though you will need some kind of software for handling circulation functions; VuFind is just a search layer, it is not a complete integrated library system.


- Demian


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HEllo i installed Koha On my System but the Vufind didnot come again and i can not see

should I remove Koha installed and JUst keep the Koha DB ?is it possible?is it can solve mY problem?

my Question is that

Must be existed koha Service or KOha Installed on my system with VUFIND or i must remove it?

please Help