I’m pretty sure that Java is the only place where you need to worry about settings at all when transitioning from 32-bit to 64-bit – as long as the other dependencies are available as packages for the 64-bit version of the OS, things should work as expected.


- Demian


From: Spencer Lamm [mailto:slamm1@swarthmore.edu]
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Subject: [VuFind-Tech] Questions re: moving from 32 bit OS to 64 bit OS


Hello Everyone,

To address some performance issues related to the amount of memory we are able to allocate to JAVA heap we are going to be moving from a 32 bit RHEL6 server to a new server running 64bit RHEL6. From scanning documentation and listserv activity it looks like we will definitely need to go with the 64 bit JDK and set the -d64 flag when we allocate memory. 


Beyond those two considerations, is there anything else we need to address differently than we did with our 32-bit install? Anything related to Apache, PHP, or MySQL? 


Also, if anybody has any experience with VuFind and RHEL6 64-bit and has some advice to pass along that would be great. 


Thank you!



Spencer Lamm
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