Most of the functionality is controlled by the ILS driver, and there is documentation on how existing ILS drivers work here:


There is also a class called CatalogConnection which can be found in web/CatalogConnection.php – this wraps around the ILS driver object and manages its communication with VuFind.  However, since CatalogConnection simply proxies driver methods in most cases, you probably won’t have to change it even if you add entirely new functionality to the ILS driver.


If you want to see how the ILS driver is used in VuFind, you might want to look at the actions in web/services/MyResearch for some real-world examples.


I hope this will help you get started, but I’ll be happy to provide more detailed guidance if you have specific questions or want to let me know more specifically what functionality you are trying to add.


- Demian


From: Hugo Agud []
Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2011 4:17 AM
To: vufind-tech
Subject: [VuFind-Tech] ILS Driver


Dear All



We have already integrated Koha 3.4 with Vufind 1.2 (at this stage at getholdings) and we have modify slightly the BRAACS template to include some fields that we require, BUT we are interested in deeper changes.... and we wish to know how ;)... yes changing the code ;)


May Demian give us a little of light about the process? If we wish to improve the content and functionality of ILS connection, where we should focus? what's the files that manage de ILS connection... all the connection is managed by the ils.driver and we have just to work on it?


I will share all the development with the community ;)


Kindest Regards




Hugo Agud - Orex Digital



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