I don’t think there is an existing mechanism in VuFind to meet your needs…  but if you load the classification levels into VuFind, it might not take a whole lot of code to add logic to the Solr SearchObject that enforces a particular filter query on all searches unless the user is logged in and meets certain criteria.  Perhaps we can come up with a generic solution that could be applied to the trunk as an enhancement for a future release.  I can look at the code and come up with more specifics next week if you want more detailed advice.  (Tomorrow I’ll be at ACRL and won’t have email access).


- Demian


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Subject: [VuFind-Tech] Controlling search results by user?


I am looking for any ideas on how to tackle the following issue with Vufind.


In our Sirsi catalog, we assign restriction levels to our bib records [Top Secret; Secret;  Unclassified, etc. -- or NONE] and then limit search results according to matching clearance values in our GUEST, or authenticated patrons’ record settings.


I have only loaded unclassified records so far;  the next would be to try to load classified records, and then limit patron access as needed.


If I set up LDAP authentication for patron logins, I am researching what kind of scheme I could employ to limit patron access in Vufind for each user account.


1.       If I create a new faceting of the restriction values that are stored in my bib’s MARC 355 tags, could I leverage that facet into a mechanism for determining  access?

2.       Is there some feature in Vufind for loading in nominally hidden Review or Shadowed bib records;  maybe I could exploit that feature for my own nefarious purposes?

3.       Other ideas?


Any brain-storming ideas appreciated!!!



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