There’s no version of that upgrade script other than the one that was in the release.  I haven’t heard about problems with it in the past.  Have you looked at the various intermediate files that the script generates?  Perhaps there’s a clue in there – if you want to share some data (off-list, obviously), I’m happy to take another look at it….


- Demian


From: Sean C Purcell []
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 3:33 PM
Subject: [VuFind-Tech] db_RC1toRC2.php database upgrade script


Hi All,


I’m finally getting around to importing tags/favorites/comments from our old VuFind RC1 mysql database to our VuFind 1.0 database.  Is there an updated version of the db_RC1toRC2.php database upgrade script?  It doesn’t appear to migrate data correctly.  Much of the data is copied to the new database, but several tables are empty: comments, user_resource, and resource_tags.   The version I’m using was downloaded with the RC2 release (vufind-1.0RC2.tar.gz).  I checked subversion to see if maybe it had been updated after the release, but this and the other RC1-to-RC2 upgrade files appear to have been removed from the /upgrade folder in the VuFind trunk.   I’m working now to get the database functional, but if anybody has a working version of the upgrade script, let me know J