There are two rather major bugs that have surfaced in the 0.8 release that I wanted everyone to know about, along with the fixes.

First, as many of you have figured out, the script is in the root of the vufind folder and the file needs to be in the same folder. The easiest fix is to either move the file up, or the script into the import folder.

The second bug is also related to the script. The variable SOLR_DATA_DIR is not being set properly. I will be committing a fix to both the trunk and Vufind-0.8 branch shortly, but wanted to let folks know that if you've indexed in 0.8, your index has most likely gone to /index (in root). You can just move these files into your $SOLR_HOME/data/index.

In the mean time, here is the condensed fix with the script:

INDEX_OPTIONS="-Xms256m -Xmx256m"
if [ -z "$SOLR_HOME" ]
  echo "You need to set the SOLR_HOME environmental variable before running this script."
  exit 1

if [ "$SOLR_HOME" ]

java $INDEX_OPTIONS -jar import/import.jar