Mark - I do remember working on this while at Villanova.  This was a difficult issue.  My memory on this is a bit foggy though.

Here is an example:

Not sure if it was solved or not.  Is this an example of the problem?  Catalog shows "Long Overdue" and VuFind shows "Lost."  I know there was some hierarchy there - but not sure which is correct.


On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 10:42 AM, Sandford, Mark <> wrote:
Hello everyone,

Has anyone yet dealt with the issue of multiple item statuses in Voyager
and how VUfind parses that?  For those not in the know, Voyager uses a
hierarchy of statuses.  If an item is charged out, the status "Not
Charged" is replaced with "Charged".  However, if an item is marked with
a status of damaged, missing, withdrawn, etc, it is added as a second
status.  VUFind only looks to see if something is marked as "Not
Charged" to determine availability, but an item can be both "Not
Charged" and "Missing" at the same time.  The current query in the
Voyager driver seems to only account for a single status, so the items
we have that are both not charged and missing are showing up as
available in the display.

Unfortunately, I don't know enough about programming to confidently deal
with this problem.  It seems to me that we need an array of statuses,
and (like Voyager does) to assign a hierarchy of what gets shown.  The
problem is, I'm not sure if that's possible with the existing query, of
we need to create a second query based on ITEM_ID to get all the
assigned statuses, loop through them, then set availability that way.
That seems like a lot of extra querying.

Because of the amount of time it would take, and the relatively large
amount of weeding we do (we're just about out of shelf space here, so we
weed more than most academic libraries) we don't create separate MFHDs
for withdrawn copies, we just change the perm location to indicate in
the OPAC that they're not available.

Thoughts?  Has anyone already solved this?

Mark Sandford
Special Formats Cataloger
David and Lorraine Cheng Library
William Paterson University

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