On Mon, Apr 20, 2009 at 12:38 AM, Greg Pendlebury <pendlebu@usq.edu.au> wrote:
* Spell check
* Stats gathering (Completed internally and evolving)
* Schema terminology change (with update script for old versions)
* Hand written SQL change (Completed internally)
* DB_DataObject portability (Completed internally)
* Make Oracle fake auto_inc through DB_DataObject (Half-Completed internally, I think I've nearly got it)
* Proxy/Web request object
Out (delayed, not cut)
* Installation package (unless someone else is doing it already)
* Web admin (no idea where Andrew is at with this, he may put it in)
* Investigate removing auto_inc (if needed)
* Investigate jQuery or similar AJAX library.

This is a good list.  My focus has been reworking the "favorites" system to allow for lists.  This is 90% complete on my local dev site and I should be able to check it in soon.

Other than that, spellcheck, new solr, new solrmarc and a refactoring of Solr.php to abstract the relevancy to the Solr Dismax query handler are my biggies for RC2.

Installation package is a necesity for official 1.0 release.  This doesn't need to be done by RC2.  I believe we have much of the work done for the installations packages - but still more to be done there.