Eric - Yes, VuFind does explicity create AND and OR queries.  This is something that will most likely change in an upcoming release of vufind.  Im currently working on migrating all of the VuFind query parsing code to use the DisMax query handler in Solr.  This will allow for queries to work better as well as be easier to customize.

For now, the code is in web/sys/Solr.php


On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 12:59 PM, Eric Lease Morgan <> wrote:

How do I configure VuFind to do "and" versus "or" queries?

I have changed the value of the defaultOperator attribute of the
solrQueryParser element in my various schema.xml files to AND, but
queries still seem to be defaulting to "or". Does the PHP code
explicitly create "or" queries?

Eric Lease Morgan
University of Notre Dame

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