Bill - there is already a method in VuFind to do this - but please feel free to enhance it.

The code is in vufind/web/sys/Solr.php

The buildQuery method strips invalid characters.  The tokenizeInput determines how to tokenize the user input.  The validateInput method ensures the search query is structured correctly.


On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 2:09 PM, Bill Dueber <> wrote:
Hey all. Before embarking on it myself, I thought I'd see if anyone else had code to clean up search strings before sending them to solr.

I've run into a bunch of these when blindly sending searches typed into our current catalog into vufind during load testing. For example, anything with a bare '+' or '-'  (e.g., "bill + dueber") will throw an error (which vufind then fails to catch, but that's a different issue...)


Bill Dueber
Library Systems Programmer
University of Michigan Library

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