Hello all,


An issue was brought to my attention yesterday that I can’t quite make sense of.  I know searching call numbers has been an issue in the past, so I don’t know if this is something odd with our index or something we need to fix with an update or something else.  We are running v1.1 and the records that are causing problems are coming from Voyager.


When you search by call number on discover.hsp.org you get the standard list of results and a number of results found.  For example, if you search for call numbers containing the word “staff” it reports that 22 results were found, but then it only displays 13 results total on 2 separate pages.  Checking voyager there are 22 records with “staff” in the call number so the records must be in VuFind’s index.  This happens with other partial call number searches as well.  Any ideas on why this may be occurring and a fix?


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