Hi Demian,

we are definitely interested in working together (not only) on this field.

February the 1st we started our implementation of our new presentation component based on VuFind2 in collaboration with a service provider in Switzerland. (www.snowflake.ch)

Adaptations of RecordDriver will be one of our first tasks because we are actually running a different schema compared to VuFind. And at the moment we are not completely sure about how much current swissbib schema will be remain or how much VuFind we are going to adapt.

And of course we want to mature our efforts based on UnitTests.


On 02/01/2013 09:33 PM, Demian Katz wrote:
As a result of today's refactoring, I think it is now more feasible than before to write unit tests for the record drivers as well as the \VuFind\Export class.  If anyone is interested in doing any of this work, I'll be happy to work with you and help coordinate to prevent duplicate effort on the same task.

- Demian

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