to add to the call number query:

>> the MARC field for local call numbers is 099. It makes sense that the index for local call numbers will index call numbers in 099. Accordingly the VuFind index schema for call numbers needs to index 099 first. If it doesn't it needs rewriting.

>> The function of call numbersis to provide a unique physical location identifier. A call number such as Per. or ONLINE, misuse the functionality of call numbers. Assigning 'real' call numbers to online journals (over 30,000 journals for a small-medium institution) would create a labor intensive project for an essentially virtual location, where there is no physical shelf location for those journals. If there are any counter arguments to this, please bring them for clarifying this issue.

>> creating call numbers for print serials is a different proposition, since these resources need and have a shelf location. The call number Per. for them is definitely not unique and is misleading. Again, if any of you have any different views on this, please send them for the needed clarification.

Ya'aqov Ziso

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Subject: [VuFind-General] Call numbers indexed

I need to know what is being indexed as far as call numbers in the SOLR
index for VUFind.

The documentation ( states that call
number are indexed using the following logic:

If 090 is present, use as the indexed call number
ELSE use the 050 field.

However, Išve noticed that we have a bunch of records which donšt have
values in 090 or 050, but call numbers are in 099 and they seem to be

Can someone post some updated information on what values and indexed.

To give some background, most of our records for online journals and serials
in our library have been assigned a call number of ONLINE or Per. (or both
in some cases).  With this is mind and looking at how VUFind builds the Call
Number Facets, if we have thousands of records with the call number of Per.
Then what gets reported in the initial facet for OP - Language and
Literatureš  will be largely inaccurate.

Can any libraries give any insight on how they Catalog their journals and
online journals.  From my perspective being a library outsider I would just
assume our data is  plain wrong and it needs to change, or we need to assign
real call numbers to our Journals (both print and online).  What are the
thoughts from the community on this?

Išm also wondering that if we keep our data the way it is, is there anyway
we can customize the facets so that we can exclude items with the call
number of OPer.š to be excluded from the Call number facets?  How easy would
it be to add another facet that could help us narrow down the items with
OPerš or OOnlineš in their call numbers?



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