I’ve installed it on Dell PCs with Ubuntu, several different versions including 7.04 and 7.10 server.


Follow the instructions on this page:




They do also work on Ubuntu, but you’d have to go through the builds manually versus using apt; I’ve come to prefer doing these steps manually just so I have more control and understanding of paths and config options.  My thoughts though based on your comments, is that it is either a config.ini issue or a httpd.conf issue.  Solr wouldn’t come into play until you actually try to run a search, and you seem to indicate the error occurs immediately when accessing the front page.


Antonio Barrera

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I am trying to install vufind on Ubuntu 7.04 server on a Dell pc and I have run into some difficulties following the installation instructions from William & Mary's Swem Library: http://techview.wordpress.com/2007/07/30/vufind-with-ubuntu/  We are currently running Voyager 6.5.1


I was able to perform all of the steps, but when I went to view my ip address for vufind: http://your.ip.address/vufind, I ran into some php problems:


The error states,


An Error has occured


Cannot Load Action


Please contact the Library Reference Department for assistance





[572] /usr/share/php/PEAR.php

[107] /usr//local/vufind/web/index.php



I think that there may be some problems with my solr installation.  Also, when I spoke with Andrew Nagy, he mentioned that the William & Mary installation instructions were a bit outdated and meant for version 5, not 6.  If I were to re-install the vufind software on ubuntu server 7.04, which steps should I follow.  Andrew mentioned that I should only follow some of the steps up to a certain point.


I also received some marcxml errors, even though marcxml records were created in vufind.





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