Quentin, the last time I read through the Amazon license agreement it said that the use of content from the ECS system was freely available as long as a link back to the item is provided.  I will have to look at the latest version of the license and get back to you.


VuFind can also be modified to allow commercial images from providers such as Syndetics




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Hi all,


congratulations for the great job you've done.


We did something a little alike (but using flash) at the french public library of Saint-Herblain here :



We, like you I think, make use of Amazon ECS WebServices to get the images of the cover, reviews... and we put a link to Amazon web site on it.


Till now it seemed to be all right (we did this in 2006), but I've just had a look to the new ECS license here :



and there are new terms that were not there at the time... especially :


"5.1.3. You are not permitted to use Amazon ECS with any Application or for any use that does not have, as its principal purpose, driving traffic to the Amazon Website and driving sales of products and services on the Amazon Website."

It seems that now, it's not enough to put a link to Amazon. Driving sales to Amazon must be the PRINCIPAL purpose of the application (whic is not true of libraries online catalogs).

Another french library asked Amazon for the right to use ECS to show book covers, and they were NOT allowed...
I daresay it would be the same for important websites like LibraryThing...

Are you aware of such problems, do you know a way to avoid them ?

Thanks a lot

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