We use rhel 6  64bit & I don't remember any changes other than the java_options -d64 switch.

There were a few SELinux issues during the install but nothing 64 bit specific as far as I remember.

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On 30 Jan 2012, at 18:09, Spencer Lamm <slamm1@swarthmore.edu> wrote:

Hello Everyone,
To address some performance issues related to the amount of memory we are able to allocate to JAVA heap we are going to be moving from a 32 bit RHEL6 server to a new server running 64bit RHEL6. From scanning documentation and listserv activity it looks like we will definitely need to go with the 64 bit JDK and set the -d64 flag when we allocate memory. 

Beyond those two considerations, is there anything else we need to address differently than we did with our 32-bit install? Anything related to Apache, PHP, or MySQL? 

Also, if anybody has any experience with VuFind and RHEL6 64-bit and has some advice to pass along that would be great. 

Thank you!

Spencer Lamm
Digital Initiatives Librarian
Swarthmore College Library

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