Hello everyone!
I apologize upfront for the crossposting with VuFund Unicorn list.  We are currently developing a version of VuFind with emphasis placed on the needs of a multitype library consortium.  We are using VuFind with Symphony.  The project is in the beta stage (take a look at: http://vufind.yln.info).  The person currently developing the project is moving on to a different position elsewhere.  I am hoping there is some interest out there in consulting for us if needed.  While I am not looking to hire anyone at this moment; I am hoping to be able to gauge interest in the event hiring a consultant is necessary. Basically I am determining the viability of continuing on with the VuFind project.  If you are interested in consulting for us in the future please send me an email off list with how many hours you could dedicate in a year and an estimate of what the hourly cost would be.  This does not have to be anything formal at this stage.

Corey Christians
Library Network Manager
Prescott Public Library/Yavapai Library Network
215 East Goodwin
Prescott, AZ  86303
(928) 777-1520