Hello Joe,


We have two installations where EBSCO APIs are working. These are the links:


http://vufind.uniovi.es/EBSCO/Search?lookfor=arte&type=AllFields&submit=Buscar (Oviedo University, Spain)


http://catalogo.ceu.es/EBSCO/Search?lookfor=arte&type=AllFields&submit=Find (San Pablo CEU University, Spain)


Here you can see the code we used to add this functionality to Vufind




Tell me if you have any problem adding this functionality and I will help help you.





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EBSCO APIs are of interest to us as well.  Is there a working branch published?




On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 2:11 PM, Demian Katz <demian.katz@villanova.edu> wrote:

I’ve been working with EBSCO to get an implementation of their API into VuFind – they’ve just about finished up a VuFind 1.x implementation and are now working on something for 2.x.  I believe they have at least a couple of customers using it at this point.


- Demian


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Subject: [VuFind-General] General VuFind Question


Out of curiosity, is there anyone in the VuFind community who is using EBSCO’s API (the paid one that comes with EBSCO’s Discovery Service) with VuFind?




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