Installation Procedure of

  • lotus

    This is very simple procedure of binary installation for novice.

    -------Simple Procedure start--------------
    1. download
    2. extract
         will make VTK folder with sub-folder named bin, include, lib

    3. copy or move extractd folders to someplace (ex: C:\Program Files\VTK )

    4. Add PATH of bin folder
        a) MyComputer (right click) ->Property->Advanced Tab -> Enviroment variable
        b) add path C:\Program Files\VTK\bin;
    5. extract and test vtk-control.
       Make attention refernces when you test vtk-control. when distributed sample's reference is invalid you must add it by manually.
    ----------End simple procedure-------------

    For advanced test of vtk samples, you need to download at


    I would like to make some detailed documentation for novice. What is best format for users? and location?

    My plan is make document by M$-Word and translate to it HTML.

    any idea??

    • Andrew Dolgert
      Andrew Dolgert


      You have a good idea. HTML format works well, both included in the .zip file and on the web pages on SourceForge. I have to make a new distribution for VTK 5.0.2 and would be happy to include better installation instructions.

      If you have suggestions for how to make installation easier, I would welcome those as well.


      • lotus


        I started to write tutorial of using c#.
        I wrote it using LyX (latex) you will get preliminary doc within few days.


    • jedi@


      Thanks a lot for taking the time to create this wrapper and control.

      However, i am still having some trouble setting it up. I installed it as requested, added the paths to my PATH variable, then tried to start a new project in .net

      First i tried with a project, when i try to add teh vtkFormsWindow.dll, it tells me that it can't find the type library associated with that.

      I retried with a C# project, same problem.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks a lot

    • awallin55

      I just went through those instructions but I am having some trouble.

      Adding the vtkxxxDotNet.dll's as References is no problem.

      however, when running ControlSample.cs or anything else that uses the vtkFormsWindow visual studio refuses to compile my code and just halts, highlighting line 297 of vktFormsWindowControl.cpp
      the error message says "this code has called into another function. when that function is finished, this is the next statement that will be executed".

      Another indication that something is wrong is that when adding the vtkFormsWindow to the form designer toolbar and then trying to use it I get the following:
      the control ctk.ctkFormsWindowControl has thrown an unhandled exception in the designer and has been disabled.
      Attempted to read or write protected memory.
      at vtkformswindwcontrol.cpp:line 297
      at vtikformswindowcontrol.cpp:line 620

      thanks for any help,