vtiger CRM 4 RC1 Released

  • tigersai

    Dear All,

    vtiger CRM 4 RC1 is released.

    This build has undergone less than expected round of validations so will have some issues in it. All of them will be handled in the GA.

    We really appreciate vtiger Community, if you can use vtiger CRM 4 RC1 build only for evaluation/testing as it may not meet your production requirements yet. The GA will

    Major changes in vtiger CRM 4 RC1 release:

    1. Database layer is redesigned for a better data integrity.

    2. Multiple database support for Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, and Postgres (Currently we have tested in MySQL 4.1.9 and other databases will be fully supported from vtiger CRM 4 GA release onwards).

    3. vtiger Office Plug-in to create mail merge templates in Microsoft(R) Word(R) and create on-the-fly documents with customer specific data in vtiger CRM.

    4. vtiger Thunderbird Plug-in to add E-mail messages and addresses from Thunderbird/Mozilla E-mail client to vtiger CRM.

    5. E-mail notifications to vtiger CRM users as well as customers instantly as well as periodically.

    6. Notification of Big deals to the specific users/non users.

    7. Filter customer data based on specific criteria in each of the modules (For example, in opportunities module filter data based on sales stage open, won, or lost).

    8. Customization of Helpdesk and Products related fields.

    9. Modify the custom pick list values.

    10. Search enabled for all the fields (including custom fields) in various modules.

    11. Accessories, such as World Clock and Calculator.

    12. Cases Module is phased out (Here after Helpdesk module will take care of all the CRM - Customer Support related features).

    13. Opportunities module is modified as Potentials.

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