vtiger Thunderbird Extension 4.0.1 - Patch Re

  • tigersai

    Dear Team,

    We are pleased to announce the patch release of vtiger Thunderbird Extension 4.0.1. In this release following issues are got fixed:

    1. Email subject related issue.

    2. vtiger CRM "Mobile number" can be imported as "Work Phone" in Thunderbird.

    3. vtiger CRM contact's "Other Address" fields can be imported as "Work Address" in Thunderbird.

    4. Work Phone, Home Phone, Department, Fax Number, Mobile Number fields can be imported from vtiger CRM to Thunderbird.

    Download URL:


    Installation Procedure

    vtiger CRM Side:

    1. Download vtiger CRM 4.0.1 parch1 from SF.net:


    2. If you are using vtiger CRM EXE or Bin file, unzip the patch file into vtiger CRM home directory. If you are using Source zip, first unzip the patch and copy the contactserialize.php file and "module" directory to vtiger CRM installation directory.

    vtiger Thunderbird:

    1. Download vtiger Thunderbird Extension 4.0.1 from SF.net

    2. Refer to the following URL for XPI file installation:


    Note: The corresponding source code is checked into SF.net.

    Please give a try and let us know your feedback.

    Thanks and Regards,

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