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Vtiger integration with trixbo...

  • This was posted by voipforenterprise


    Im trying configure the vtiger integration with trixbox but i have problems with the script "AsteriskClient.php"…

    I already made the configuration in vtiger->PBX Manager

    Asterisk server IP -
    Asterisk server port - 5038
    Asterisk username - admin
    Asterisk password -
    Asterisk Version - 1.6 - in this option i have two choices, 1.4 and 1.6. My trixbox version is trixbox CE (BETA) and have 1.6 asterisk version. When i chose 1.6 version and make "Update" the PBX Manager only save 1.4.

    I dont know if this is normal….

    Then, when i run the script "AsteriskClient.php" i have this error:

    # php AsteriskClient.php
    Date: 06-06-2010
    Connecting to asterisk server…..
    Connected successfully

    Trying to login to asterisk
    Logged in successfully to asterisk server

    Response: Error
    Message: Authentication failed

    I've tried to find a solution to this error but had no success

    Anyone can help me???


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