vtiger for a B2C setup?

  • radoo

    We have a particular need for a CRM in the retail sales domain and we are wondering how we would go about customizing vtiger (if it's fit for the job) for our environment.

    Here's our setup:

    • we have several brick&mortar shops selling items such as DVD's, books, records, handicrafts
    • we have one (but will have more) e-commerce website
    • we sell mostly to unknown customers in the physical shops and we are introducing fidelity cards for the customers in the shops
    • some of the anonymous purchases in the shops can be "tagged" to a certain degree (gender, age group, gift-wrap request, etc)
    • we sell mostly to registered customers on the web, some of which are also customers in the shops

    What we hope to achieve:

    • a CRM solution that can be interfaced with all the data that is available (check)
    • a way to keep track of the purchases that can be allocated to a certain customer (based on information collected on the web and/or fidelity cards)
    • a way to keep track of the anonymous purchases and the ability to take them into account when performing analysis of behavior (who bought this also bought type of analysis)
    • analysis tools to enable segmentation and analysis based on available information (both anonymous and accounted for)

    We are looking at several opensource solutions (and not only) and I was wondering to what extent is vtiger fit for such a setup and how should we go about configuring it for our particular demands. We have in-house technical expertise, so we should be able to accomplish the technical tasks, should the application prove capable.

    Many thanks in advance!