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VTD-XML 2.9, the next generation XML Processing API for SOA and Cloud computing, has been released. Please visit https://sourceforge.net/projects/vtd-xml/files/ to download the latest version.

* Strict Conformance
#VTD-XML now fully conforms to XML namespace 1.0 spec
* Performance Improvement
#Significantly improved parsing performance for small XML files
* Expand Core VTD-XML API
#Adds getPrefixString(), and toNormalizedString2()
* Cutting/Splitting
#Adds getSiblingElementFragment()
* A number of bug fixes and code enhancement including:
#Fixes a bug for reading very large XML documents on some platforms
#Fixes a bug in parsing processing instruction
#Fixes a bug in outputAndReparse()

Posted by jimmy zhang 2010-08-15

vtd-xml 2.6 released

VTD-XML 2.6 is released. It contains some of the latest bug fixes reported by users. Upgrade is recommended for all users.

Posted by jimmy zhang 2009-07-16

vtd-xml 2.5 released

* Added separate VTD indexing generating and loading (see http://vtd-xml.sf.net/persistence.html for further info)
* Integrated extended VTD supporting 256 GB doc (In Java only).
* Added duplicateNav() for replicate multiple VTDNav instances sharing XML, VTD and LC buffer (availabe in Java and C#).
* Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Posted by jimmy zhang 2009-02-16

Extended VTD-XML released

The Java version of extended VTD-XmL is released and available for download. This version supports 256 GB max file sizes and memory mapped capabilities. The updated documentation is
also available for download. In short, you can basically do full XPath query on documents that are
bigger than memory space available on your machine.

Posted by jimmy zhang 2008-10-19

VTD-XML 2.4 released

VTD-XML: XML Processing for the future (Part II)


Posted by jimmy zhang 2008-04-03

VTD-XML 2.4 released

VTD-XML, the next geneation, document-centric XML processing model is now released. Please visit http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=110612

Posted by jimmy zhang 2008-04-03

VTD-XML 2.3 released

VTD-XML 2.3 is now released. Below is a list of new features and enhancements in this version.

* VTDException is now introduced as the root class for all other VTD-XML's exception classes (per suggestion of Max Rahder).

* Transcoding capability is now added for inter-document cut and paste. You can cut a chuck of bytes in a UTF-8 encoded document and paste it into a UTF-16 encoded document and the output document is still well-formed.... read more

Posted by jimmy zhang 2008-02-23

New article published

Code Project: XML processing for the future


Posted by jimmy zhang 2008-02-15

New article published

New Article "Manipulate XML Content the Ximple Way" published on DevX


Posted by jimmy zhang 2008-01-10

C# and Java versions of code sample based tutorials

Two more tutorials are now available, they do the exactly the same thing as the C tutorial, except
rewritten in C# and in Java

The C# version: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/vtd-xml/CSharp_tutorial_by_code_examples.zip?use_mirror=superb-east

The Java version: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/vtd-xml/Java_tutorial_by_code_examples.zip?use_mirror=superb-east

Posted by jimmy zhang 2007-12-07

C tutorial by example posted

C tutorial of VTD-XML by code examples is just posted at

There are 13 directories under this directory. Each directory contains
the C code of a short application written in VTD-XML. Additionally, each
directory contains the input and output XML documents. All those examples
are self-explanatory, ideally suited as the first course for learning
VTD-XML.... read more

Posted by jimmy zhang 2007-11-30

new article published

"index XML documents with VTD-XML" is published on xml.sys-con.com


Posted by jimmy zhang 2007-11-02

vtd-xml 2.2 released

XimpleWare is proud to announce the the release of version 2.2 of VTD-XML, the next generation XML parsers/indexer/slicer/editor. This release
significantly expands VTD-XML's ability to slice, split, edit and incrementally update the XML ocuments. To this end, we introduce the concept of namespace-compensated element fragment. This release also adds VTD+XML index writing capability to the VTD Navigator class. Other
enhancements in this release include index size pre-computation, support for HTTP get, and some bug fixes.... read more

Posted by jimmy zhang 2007-10-26

new article published

Posted by jimmy zhang 2007-09-10

VTD-XML 2.1 released

Changes from Version 2.0 (06/2007) This version contains a number of features and bug fixes. * The BookMark class is introduced into all available plaforms of VTD-XML. * C# and Java port of VTD-XML fix the bug of unicode chars in XPath expression. * C version of VTD-XML has numerous code clean-ups.

Posted by jimmy zhang 2007-06-17

VTD-XML Blog is now available

VTD-XML blog is now open at http://vtd-xml.blogspot.com

Posted by jimmy zhang 2007-04-20

benchmark 2.0

All the benchmark reports have been updated for version 2.0 of VTD-XML

Posted by jimmy zhang 2007-02-25

VTD+XML 1.0 spec now final

VTD+XML, the native XML index combining VTD and XML into a single file, is released.

Posted by jimmy zhang 2007-02-23


VTD-XML 2.0 is now released, available in C#, C and Java. A main feature introduced in this release is a simple, general-purpoase native XML indexing capability called VTD+XML.

Posted by jimmy zhang 2007-02-23

XPath evaluation performance benchmark released

Latest benchmark report on XPath evaluation performance is now released. It compares VTD-XML 1.9 and JDK 1.5's built-in XPath classes.

Posted by jimmy zhang 2007-01-05

VTD-XML API overview presentation update

VTD-XML API overview presentation is now updated for version 1.9


Posted by jimmy zhang 2006-12-17

VTD-XML 1.9 released

This release address performance aspect of XPath implemenation. It also contains some minor bug fixes.
The Java release also includes a JAR file for class libs.

Posted by jimmy zhang 2006-12-10

VTD-XML 1.8 released

Version 1.8 of VTD-XML is now released. The new features are:
*XMLModifier is a easy to use class that takes advantage of the incremental update capability offered by VTD-XML
*XPath built-in functions are now almost complete
*Added encoding support for iso-88592~10, windows 1250~1258
*Added various functions to autoPilot that evaluate XPath to string, number and boolean

This release also fixes a number of XPath bugs related to string handling

Posted by jimmy zhang 2006-11-22

VTD-XML 1.7 released

XimpleWare released Version 1.7 of VTD-XML, the next generation XML parser that goes beyond DOM and SAX, under GPL. VTD-XML is getting faster, leaner, more stable and complete with this release. New features included in this releases are:

* More XPath functions support
* Union Expression
* A rewritten VTDNav implementation
* Various bug fixes in VTDGen and XPath evaluation

Posted by jimmy zhang 2006-10-16

VTD-XML 1.7 released

XimpleWare released Version 1.7 of VTD-XML under GPL. VTD-XML is getting faster, leaner, more stable and complete with this release. New features included in this releases are:

* More XPath functions support
* Union Expression
* A rewritten VTDNav implementation
* Various bug fixes in VTDGen and XPath evaluation

Posted by jimmy zhang 2006-10-16