#7 forwarding error


The call forward feature can not be disabled. My calls are behiving badly. One call will come in and ring on my main line, then when picked up, will cancel and ring at my cell phone. My cell phone is no longer in my forward numbers list, Also, I can not remove the address for the vonage talk from my simulring or forwarding features box..


  • when I downloaded vonage talk, I lost my network availibilty number which was set to forward to my cell phone. and since you can only forward 1 number, this is stuck to forward to vonage talk. when I have my computer turned off, and someone tries to call they receive a message that says "the party you are trying to reach is not available at this time, please try again at a later time" even though I have my vonage line to forward to voice mail if not answered after 40 seconds.
    since I lost my cable service, and I cannot use the vonage modem, I figured that at least I can make & receive calls from my PC and when I am not on my PC, the calls would forward to my voicemail.