Visual Tcl 1.5.1 beta 3

Announcing Visual Tcl 1.5.1 Beta 3

Visual Tcl is moving into the final stages of beta as we close in on
all the bug fixes and enhancements for version 1.5.1. Beta 3 will be our
Release Candidate 1 and most likely the last beta release before final

This release focuses mainly on bug fixes and a few cosmetic enhancements
along with added Itcl, BLT and Tix support.

This release provides support for Macintosh as well, allowing
rapid cross-platform application development with minimal turnaround
time. Furthermore, we are excited to announce the integration of
Jeffrey Hobbs' TkCon into Visual Tcl. TkCon offers a consistent,
powerful alternative to the standard Tk console. TkCon provides command
and window names expansion, electric brace highlighting, support for
several interpreters, and command history.

We're looking for more beta testers and more users in general to give
this beta some rigorous testing before final release. We are very eager
to make this the most stable and enhanced release of Visual Tcl to date.
Version 1.5 has immense progress over earlier versions and has added many
new features and functions that make it more like traditional GUI

If you haven't looked at Visual Tcl in a while, give it another look.
You'll find that it's a very different program now. We'd love to hear
more suggestions on enhancements you would like to see as we are already
planning our roadmap for the next version.

The Visual Tcl Team,

Christian Gavin
Damon Courtney

Posted by Christian Gavin 2001-02-28