TracExplorer 0.1 released

Hi All,

we are proud to announce the final version 0.1 of the TracExplorer suite for windows.

TracExplorer is a collection of utilities which integrate with Edgewall's Trac system:

* Visual Studio Addin which integrates Trac functionality into Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.
It's main function is to facilitate management of tickets from within Visual Studio.
* TortoiseSvn ticket integration adds Trac tickets to commit messages (inside commit dialog).

The main features included in this release:

* Includes VSTrac - a Visual Studio Trac Integration
* Include TSVNTrac - a Bugtraqprovider for TortoiseSVN
* MSI - Installer package


* There is still a limitation inside TortoiseSVN, because the "parameters"-
field is size limited. This occurs, when you select to many "selection
status". This is already fixed for the next release of TortoiseSVN (1.5.4)

Get it at

Enjoy the release and don't forget to log any issues.


Posted by Linne 2008-10-04