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Volume Control

  • Rob

    Is there any way to control volume?


  • CtrlBrk

    no, there's no volume control yet,since most plugins provide one, but I though that the "cursors" that I use on the parameters can be used on audio pins too.. I'll see hat i can do

  • Most VST effects have a volume control but a lot of VST instruments don't so I think this could be a really useful feature. The only short coming of adjusting volume from the audio pins is that setting the volume level for stereo outputs would be a bit of a pain and there would be no way to control a group of plugins with one volume slider.

    In addition to the ability to adjust volume from audio pins you could have something like a volume bus tool that would just have an audio input, a volume parameter and an audio output. It would also be cool to have a more general way of dealing with stereo inputs/outputs. Eg. the cursor modes could have a sub modes (checkout Cubase for an example of cursor modes with sub modes) that would treat stereo ins/outs and a single parameter. This would be useful for adjusting volume and setting up the wiring. But I'm sure you've got a lot on your plate and this is just a small usability concern so probably not the biggest priority.