#376 HJD conversion for file-based formats

David Benn

We currently handle HJD conversion for additive loads for this scenario:

  1. AID load then...
  2. Additive file (AAVSO upload format or ASAS) load.

What about additive loads of file-based formats only where one or more of which are HJD based? Either the RA/Dec must be requested via dialog or obtained from one of the files. CSS has RA/Dec info, but it seems to differ per observation (!). ASAS has RA/Dec info also, but it differs per dataset. So, one can't just say: based upon the AID data I loaded, now that I am loading an ASAS/CSS file, I can apply the same RA/Dec to all AID observations for HJD conversion purposes.

How to solve this in a general way?

As part of this, AID additive load should be possible. The current approach should work once this is enabled.


  • David Benn
    David Benn

    Re: the RA/Dec dialog to be implemented when StarInfo object has null RA and Dec values:

    1. The RA/Dec dialog will be called in Mediator.convertObsToHJD() when RA/Dec null. It should accept H|D:M:S.n or H|D.n

    2. Observation retriever classes should specialise the base getStarInfo() method to add RA and Dec if known.

  • David Benn
    David Benn

    Added RA and Dec dialogs for non-AID loads in 2.16.2