Ganymede support?

  • Could not get v1.6.2 to work on Eclipse Ganymede.
    Is it planned to be supported in the future?


    • Hendrik Kramer
      Hendrik Kramer

      I've found out that for old imported projects from Eclipse 3.3, the VSS plugin is still working in Ganymede. Only for new projects created and VSS assigned, the error occurs that the project nature could not be assigned.

      To work with new projects also, I've just copied the working section from workspace\.metadata\.plugins\org.vssplugin\dialog_settings.xml as follows:

      ** corrupt entry **
      <section name="Project B">

      ** working previous entry **
      <section name="Project A">
          <item value="v:\&quot; key="vssDataDir"/>
          <item value="{vss username}" key="username"/>
          <item value="false" key="supportsMultipleCheckouts"/>
          <item value="/" key="sourceMountPoint"/>
          <item value="$/{vss project name}/" key="mountPoint"/>
          <item value="{vss password}" key="password"/>
          <section name="Mappings">
              <section name="0">
                  <item value="false" key="recursive"/>
                  <item value="/" key="local"/>
                  <item value="$/{vss project name}/" key="vss"/>

      After copying this section to the new project section and replacing the {} with your own needed values, you could go back to Eclipse and do the Team -> Share project -> VSS and VSS will work with Ganymede without any further errors (you had to fill out all details again in the dialog). You only have to do this once for each new project.

      Maybe there are easier ways but before downgrading to 3.3 again, this may be a good solution.