unable to find any valid vss installation

  • I am new to eclipse and am trying to get it all linked up with vss.  I have a valid install of vss that is working (usually used with visual studio projects) and is on a network drive.  I keep getting the message when I try to use the VSS configuration wizard that says, "Unable to find any valid VSS installation.  Are you sure that the VSS installation is not corrupt?"  (<B>BTW</B>, in the dialog, both installation and corrupt are misspelled.  In the dialog message they are spelled installtion and currupt.).  I know that the VSS installation is not corrupt, so do I need to have the VSS client installed on my local machine to get this thing working.  NOTE:  I also have a username/password on the network version of VSS.

    Thanks for any help,


  • Hendrik Ras
    Hendrik Ras

    same problem here.