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The goal of Visual AVI FourCC Changer

As I needed to change the 4cc code of an amount of avi files, I searched for a proper software for this task. I found the usefull open source AVI FourCC Changer. It allows you simple to change the 4cc code of 1 avi-file.
The goal of Visual AVI FourCC Changer was basically to do the same simple task as AVI FourCC Changer, but in a more comfortable way with a list view.


Version 1.0 (deleted yet)
  • basic functionality
Version 1.1 (deleted yet)
  • Avi-Header Check to avoid write to non AVI Files
Version 1.2
  • tested on Vista and Windows 7 with different screen resolutions
  • the Form changed to resizeable due to problems with different screen resolution in 1.1
Version 1.3
  • AVI Stream-Header check added, allow to write the fccHandler and biCompression into AVI Stream files only